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 Networking Services and Support

If you have yet to implement a LAN, or are looking to improve the performance of your existing network, we have the solution. We can reconfigure your network with a routed, switched, 100 Megabit, or Gigabit topology. We have experience with hub, switch, and router configuration in networks from small home systems to larger business networks.

As you may know, a prerequisite for any network is the installation of network cabling. ICS has the expertise required to install, test, and certify all network cabling.

The Internet provides more opportunity than ever before, however, with that opportunity comes risk. ICS helps you manage and minimize that risk with integrated firewall and router solutions. Firewalls can play two roles. First, they minimize network intrusions (or harkers) by verifying all traffic passing through them using methods such as "stateful inspection." Secondly, they can prevent your network users from accessing websites or resources that are "inappropriate" for the workplace and even home.

Wireless networking has seen great technological advances over the past several years. Wireless solutions utilizing radio frequency technology range from 2 to 11 Mbps, and can be as fast as 155 Mbps, point to point. When dealing with buildings within a few miles of each other, wireless is often a more viable solution than T1s or other dedicated lines. It provides a faster transport and avoids monthly costs from your telephone company.

Is your data backed up? If your company does not have a disaster recovery plan, you are taking a risky gamble. Since your data is vital to your organization's functioning, shouldn't it be protected? ICS can provide various levels of disaster recovery options, including RAID, high capacity tape and DVD RW backups, and mirrored server solutions.

Let ICS show you how to be successful on the Internet. These days it takes more than a flashy website to bring in visitors. ICS's Internet marketing specialists can show you the do's and don'ts of a successful website experience for your organization.

Installing and maintaining an internal e-mail package that is easy to administer and interface with the Internet can be a daunting task. ICS has the expertise to make this happen quickly and easily.

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